As spring arrives…

I still can’t quite get my head around an October spring. The days are longer, warmer and filled with bird song.  The ubiquitous wildflowers are in bloom and every evening an army of frogs croak from the dam.  Sure enough summer is coming…

Uma does the spring thing... 2010

But the dams are all more than half empty. So are the rain-tanks that we all have attached to our roofs here. This winter we’ve had very little heavy rain. Coming from London I never thought I’d find myself waiting for the rain!

Uma sketching on a bamboo sheath. 2010

So now we must prepare for a long, hot (and dry) summer. We’ve already started re-cycling water. Collecting our shower water into tubs to put on the garden. This summer’s veggie patch will have to be smaller. These are the facts of life here in Balingup and no doubt elsewhere on the planet…

So, something to think about next time the tap is running… Will water soon become the ultimate commodity? or is it our right?

The view over our half empty dam. The level should be up to the tree line... 2010




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