London. Walking along a busy high street, resembling Balham? I arrive at a wide junction. On the opposite side is a large two floor department store selling only umbrellas! The windows are full with thousands of umbrellas…


2 thoughts on “Dream…

  1. PolPol

    Sounds like a Robert Taylor downstairs mix-up!

    Last year, when Auntie Vicki Harris died in Wales – the last surviving sibling of our Grandfather Samuel – her daughter Linda told me a story how she remembered visiting Robert Taylor on Balham High Road as a little girl, maybe about Yali’s age. Sitting on a counter with fur coats behind enveloping her… She also told how that when her mum was in her last hours, she called out ‘Sam, Sam…’ Linda explained – apparently, a few years before when Vicki’s older sister Lily was dying she’d also called out to Samuel – their slightly older brother. She continued that both her mum and Auntie Lily both regarded our Grandfather Samuel as a favourite brother – and that he was coming to get them, to all be together again. Thought I’d share this with you.


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