Burn Magazine…

Burn Magazine – April 2011

Postcards from Home is on Burn Magazine. I have been utterly humbled by the response… Working away in relative isolation, as i do,  it’s an odd experience to actually put the work out there and to receive such feedback. To have the opportunity to share insights and reflections…

The community at Burn have always been a source of inspiration for me. The generous spirit (a few months ago one photographer actually gave away a Nikon D200 he no longer used to a practical stranger) that surely is an echo of David Alan Harvey‘s own generous spirit. Always helping others, giving his valuable personal time, helping with editing and mentoring photographers from across the planet and sharing his tremendous wealth of experience. The man is a human dynamo, with an infectious enthusiasm for photography and life!

So, thanks Burn and David for giving me the opportunity to share my evolving personal work…


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