Head On back home…

There were so many highlights over the few weeks i was in Sydney. One, without a doubt, was the weekend seminar held at the National Art School. Being part of the RockNRoll panel alongside Tony Mott, Sophie Howarth and Tali Udovitch was a great experience and a lot of fun. I also received some wonderful feedback on my talk ‘Transition – from London to the Bush’, it’s great to know that the life you lead can inspire others… It was also fascinating listening to other photographers sharing their own perspectives and experiences. I particularly enjoyed Claire Martin, Eliza Gregory, Glenn Lockitch and Tobias Titz talking about Social Justice – Photography with a Cause, Tim Hixson‘s – Photographic Mistakes and Accidents, Stephen Dupont talking about Handmade Artist Books and Richard Kendall & Eleanor Bell’s – Telling the Story Online…

Ying Ang hanging ‘Built’ at Global gallery, Sydney 2011 © Sam Harris

With shows opening almost every night i met a lot of photographers from all over Australia as well as a fair few from abroad. Mix that with never ending trays of wine… a recipe for a good time!

One vivid opening night was at Blender gallery for The Ballad of John & Yoko – Falling in Love by Ethan Russell. The Falls performed from a bed in the window of the gallery and of course Ethan’s beautiful and intimate photographs. One unforgettable show was Gilbert Garcin’s The Man who is an Image. A wonderful collection of surrealist photos by an 80 year old who only began to photograph after his retirement! Inspiring stuff…

The Falls do a ‘Bed In’ for Ethan Russell’s John & Yoko @ Blender gallery, Sydney 2011 © Sam Harris

Visiting the Camera Obscura in Centennial Park was something special and all credit to Head On for getting it together. I didn’t expect to be quite as excited by the giant camera as i was. Stepping inside was a great experience… sitting inside a camera, looking at the park upside down… The wonderful thing was seeing just how many passers-by came in to try it out and were totally captivated. Old skool for the masses!

The giant walk in Camera Obscura, Canon Hill, Centennial Park, Sydney 2011 © Sam Harris

Inside the machine… Camera Obscura, Centennial Park, Sydney 2011 © Sam Harris

Finally… another great show was Trent Parke‘s 10 year retrospective at Delmar Gallery. Fantastic to see so many large scale prints from his various projects all under one roof, as well as several of his handmade books…

Discussing camping trips around Australia with Moshe Rosenzveig & Trent Parke, Sydney 2011 © Sam Harris


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