Postcards from Sydney…

I just returned a few days ago from Sydney and the Head On photo festival … My head is still spinning, so much to process & share… I had too much of a good time!  Hard to tear myself away, knowing that it’s all continuing for another 3 weeks…

I met so many wonderful people, a diverse bunch of photographers and other industry folk. With so many openings, almost every night, i caught some great exhibitions and drunk way too much red wine : ))

It all started with a trip to meet my printer Warren Macris. It’s the first time ever that i’ve had to work with a printer long distance… Going to check the exhibition prints was a nerve raking experience, but to my immense relief Warrens’ reputation is well-earned. He’s a master printer and i was delighted with the results.

Warren Macris… the final cut – Sydney 2011 © Sam Harris

Next it was over to Global gallery  to hang my Postcards from Home exhibition. An exciting part of the whole process, to walk into an empty space and start spreading  your prints out on the floor and eventually seeing a few years work going up onto the walls. Global gallery has several rooms, all showing photographers work as part of the Head On Festival. My neighbours  were Ying AngNatalie Grono, Eliza Gregory & Kelly Ann Denton. The togetherness and support between photographers helped make the exhibition for me.

Hanging with Ed Crosskill @ Global gallery, Sydney 2011 © Sam Harris

Out on the floor… @ Global gallery, Sydney 2011 © Sam Harris

Uma, steamy window @ Global gallery 2011 © Sam Harris

Wall # 5 Global gallery, Sydney 2011 © Sam Harris



My good friend Andy Baker kindly made the video below at the exhibition.