Interview in Pro Photo magazine

Pro Photo magazine have published an interview i recently did with Lyndal Irons for Head On about Postcards from Home and my photographic journey, how i started out and how i ended up living in remote rural Australia…

Pro Photo magazine – June 2011

Pro Photo magazine – June 2011


9 thoughts on “Interview in Pro Photo magazine

  1. Sonia Pang Narasimham

    Sam, this is so exciting! – Your work looks as poetic as ever (of course).
    We can’t wait to hang and share all.XXX

  2. Gordon Lafleur

    Hi Sam
    Just read your interview. Love what you do, loved postcards from home when it appeared on burn.
    Like you, I am most serious about photographing my own life.
    About thirty or so years ago there was a peice in one of the American photo magazines by a man called Nathan Farb. It was called “Esme”, and was an essay of his young special needs daughter who at the time of publication was about 5 years old. He said something in the text that resonated and has stuck with me since, something to the effect “it occured to me that years from now, the only photographs I’ve made that will have any importance to me are the ones that document my own life”
    My kids are now grown, but still around. I must say, I seldom photograph them, except for my second son Brian who is autistic and lives with me half the time.

    I did look up and contact Nathan a year or so ago, and he did respond. His story about his daughter in the magazine had ended up-beat and hopeful. Unfortunately, later years with Esme were tragic and difficult. He came accross as a very sad and beaten man.

    Your blog along with Frostfrogs inspires me to blog, something I have not explored yet.

    1. samharrisphoto Post author

      Hey Gordon

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments… Yes, i too feel that the most important material i’ve shot and am shooting is my diary stuff. Family and friends… a contrast to all the music and celeb portraits i used to shoot.

      I’m very curious to see these photos of Nathan Farb… Shame to hear he sounded sad and beaten…

      re the blog… i’m enjoying it. It gives me a different way to show some of my work. Back in my London days as well as the obligatory portfolios i used to have ‘edit books’ – scrap books in effect with contact sheets cut up and out takes from sessions. I used them to contrast my portfolios that only allowed for the cream from any shoot. The interesting thing was at meetings with art directors and editors etc. they always seemed to enjoy and prefer looking at the edit books over the portfolios… maybe it was the rawness and personality that can come across, as well as being able to get a much broader sense of what any given session had been about…
      for me, i feel the blog is similar in some ways… i’m glad it inspires you!
      cheers, Sam


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