Power Cut…

The week that time slowed down…

Uma © Sam Harris 2012

Last weekend started peacefully enough with a hearty dinner party over at Sean and Sandy’s on Saturday night. But on Sunday afternoon a big storm blew in, tearing down trees, power lines and telephone lines. Even mobile phones lost their signal.

Don with Sean trying out the new tea trolly, late last Saturday night… © Sam Harris 2012

Yali © Sam Harris 2012

For four days we were without any power. No school, no work, no phones, no computer, no internet! Pretty much the whole region closed down. The car’s radio was our only connection to the outside world. We were forced back to basics and as if by magic time slowed down and everything was special. We had real-time to spend together. We played board games by the fireside and when the grey of dusk arrived we lit candles and ate a feast of leftovers from the melting fridge in flickering candle light. I found it interesting how quickly we adapted to natures rhythm… It reminded us of our time living in rural India and of how beautiful life can be when we simplify it, focusing only on the present and on each other… Maybe we should all have a non electric day more often : ))

Uma… © Sam Harris 2012

Uma © Sam Harris 2012

Yali © Sam Harris 2012

Uma & Yali in the bamboo… © Sam Harris 2012

Cross town traffic on the farm… Yali, Yael, Uma & John © Sam Harris 2012

Yali… © Uma Harris 2012


6 thoughts on “Power Cut…

    1. samharrisphoto Post author

      Gillian! thank you…

      there’s always the fusebox ; ))

      funny thing here was that within moments of the power coming back on everyone was plugging in and dropping out… so much for “focusing only on the present and on each other…”
      love to all, xx

    1. samharrisphoto Post author

      Hey Bjarte…

      firstly CONGRATULATIONS!!! that was a nice surprise seeing your wedding photo!!

      non electric day… yeah somehow the only way to find time to take photos… that’s scarey eh!

      Yes, i could and most probably will use a couple of these in my next series… (thanks, glad you like them).
      i just figured it would be nice to actually share a few shots NOW… instead of sitting on them (which inevitably means most would never be seen, as i tend to edit down quite tight…eventually) and i’ve got a nice collection of new material that hopefully will be out there soonish… so… why not : ))


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