Talking Culture: Auckland Festival of Photography

During my talk at the Auckland Art Gallery – June 2012

Recently i was invited to New Zealand by the Auckland Festival of Photography to give a  talk at the Auckland Art Gallery as part of the festival’s Talking Culture Sunday Series.

While i was at the festival i also caught a few other photographers giving talks at the ‘Crossing Boarders’ Saturday program. Alfredo Bini‘s  photographs of African economic migrants crossing the Tenere Desert (Niger) in a bid to make it to Europe made a lasting impression. I can still see in my mind the image of a large truck driving across the desert, laden with supplies and scores of hopeful migrants clinging on the roof for dear life.  I asked Alfredo what happens if someone falls off? He said ‘they often get left behind… and probably die…’ Also note worthy was Nikki Denholm‘s heart wrenching project ‘Look Away‘ photographing the often tragic outcomes at a maternity hospital in Northern Somalia… Both these photographers made me think long and hard about my own freedom, so often taken for granted and of course the incredible  injustice that still exists on our planet…

I always find seminars and slideshow presentations to be one of the most enriching aspects of a photo festival and i’m most honored and grateful to have been included in this year’s line up in Auckland. Thanks to Julia and the team for putting it all together and hosting us all so wonderfully.



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