a few from the light table

© Sam Harris 2012

#1 © Sam Harris 2012

I’ve been beginning the process of editing my next series ‘the middle of somewhere’.

Meanwhile i’m always shooting and these are a few I took recently. I’m not sure yet which ones i’ll end up using if any… but something i always find interesting is the process of selection and elimination and the idea of finding the definitive image from a sequence… the one shot… Sometimes i feel the sequence itself has something more to reveal, something else more akin to the flow of cinema… any thoughts on this?

© Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

#3 © Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

#4 © Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

#5 © Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

#6 © Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

#7 © Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

#8 © Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

#9 © Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

#10 © Sam Harris 2012

© Sam Harris 2012

#11 © Sam Harris 2012


9 thoughts on “RECENTLY…

  1. bjarteedvardsen

    Hi Sam! Nice to see some new work. I have a soft spot for #2, #4, #7 and #8. Keep shooting and keep posting 🙂


    1. samharrisphoto Post author

      Hey Bjarte, thanks for the feedback… interesting that you and Sunil both picked #2 as i’ve been quite torn between #1 & #2 for various reasons… of course the shooting goes on… just like the beat : ) not sure i’ll be posting anything else from the middle of somewhere though before it’s published as i don’t want to spoil the suprise : )

  2. Paul Harris

    Really liking these Samuel – will be fun to sit down with a shimon on and spread some images out on the floor and sift through some shots like the old days… can’t wait!

    1. samharrisphoto Post author

      Paul… thanks!
      yes spreading images out on the floor… i sometimes forget how present you were to so much of my photography process back then… totally looking forward to hanging and of course going of all my latest material… we’ve got a book to make bro!

  3. Gordon lafleur

    Sam, as always, love your images. Always understated. Yes, editing is the toughest job, especially now in the digital age. No more can I cover a light table with slides and move them around, tougher and slower now, but better too. Sequences are another thing. I used to think only in terms of single images. Slowly, I am beginning to work with sequences and story telling. Damn I love what we do.

    1. samharrisphoto Post author

      Gordon… thanks for your response, appreciated. ‘editing is the toughest job’… i remember once DAH wrote something along the lines of coming up with an original idea is the toughest job, shooting is the toughest job, editing is the toughest job, preparing an exhibition is the toughest job… : ))

      i start by using the light table feature in Aperture which is fantastic, really. Then small ‘snappy’ prints and on the table & floor and up on to the wall… i love working with sequences and always have even before i got into this sort of photography my portrait portfolios back in London were very considered in terms of sequence and flow. But now i’m trying to go beyond just sequencing what i am really thinking about is the book as a dynamic experience. David’s ‘based on a true story’ is an incredible inspiration in that respect and has had me thinking a lot about the experience of a photobook and what it can be… I have some ideas but for now i’ll keep those cards close to my chest : ).

      ‘Damn i love what we do’ me too Gordon me too.

  4. anantsrivastava

    Having gone over the work again… will give u my picks and why :

    #1 – yes: the body posture creates a sense of anxiety- something about to happen.. which remains a mystery cause of the bush in the background
    #2 – i like the overall setting but the fact that her face, and more importantly her eyes & hands are visible makes it a bit less interesting/ less tense than the first 1
    #3- its nice, but have to chose between this and #4…
    #4- Find it better than #3 especially cause of her hand gesture, and the dreamy cloud effects
    #5- a bit obvious …
    #6- works for the effect created by the shadow
    #7- love the lighting but the expression seems too simple. would have loved to see a bit more of the agony or tension related to a root canal (or the like)
    #8- nice but seen many such pictures,
    #9, 10, 11- highights overexposed in parts, +not too griping … she’s talking on the phone but thats about it… maybe in #10, if u can adjust the levels for highlights & shadows, the visual appeal would work better.

    so #1, 4, 6 for me… Waiting for more in the series.


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