In May 2013 i was in Sydney to give a talk at The Museum of Sydney. The Future of Photobooks was a panel discussion and part of the Head On Photo Festival.

It was an honour to sit along side Dan Rule, director of Perimeter Editions, Paulina DeLaveaux, publishing manager of Thames & Hudson, Kim Hungerford from the wonderful Sydney book store Kinokuniya and Libby Jeffery from Momento Pro.

Whilst walking the streets of Sydney i photographed quite a bit with my iPhone. I’m getting more and more addicted to shooting with it. I find it comfortable and fun to work with, unobtrusive, silent and always at hand… One evening i got caught out in the rain. Without an umbrella i found a doorway to shelter in and began shooting the passers by in the rain, enjoying the light flair, reflections, splashes and general chaos the sudden heavy rain caused.


cellphone Better Photography040

© Sam Harris – my Instagram from Sydney on the cover of Better Cellphone Photography

Fast forward a month… i received an email from Better Photography magazine in India. They were putting together a special issue on Cellphone photography, had seen my images on Instagram and wanted to use a couple.

So when you post to Instagram it doesn’t have to be the end of the story… It’s surprising where it can take you… I think it’s a fun and fresh way to share images that otherwise might just sit in a hard drive… you never know who’s watching and where it can lead to…


left a beautiful Instagram by David Alan Harvey, right my Instagram uncropped, above photo by Priyanka Chharia


another of my Instagrams from Sydney used for the editorial page – © Sam Harris


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