Burn tMoS grab

A couple of weeks ago i had the honor of having my latest essay The Middle of Somewhere published on Burn Magazine. It’s always a special occasion for me when i can finally share a new series. Spanning 2011-2013 it’s been a slow process… from the day-to-day shooting (i’m almost always shooting) to the various edits (usually starts by thinking about a book layout, pairs, sequences etc.) then refining the book edit (some 80-90 images) down to a tighter magazine essay.

Like so many things, it is worth the wait. I like to have some distance between myself and my images, to detach myself emotionally to get the edit right. I usually rely on some outside help too. Yael my wife is always involved with  editing. Last May whilst i was over in Sydney i had to good fortune to spend a couple of days going over a huge pile of prints with the talented photo editor Isabelle Rouvillois. Isabelle offer a much-needed ruthless outsiders eye.

David Alan Harvey, Magnum photographer and Curator at Burn also provided a further edit, tightening my 29 images down to 22 and re-arranging parts of the sequence. The result is a flow of images i am very happy with.

This work continues my personal diary of home life where Postcards from Home left off. The Middle of Somewhere is the next chapter…  you can check it our over on Burn Magazine here.


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