I started my career in London, 1990, photographing editorial portraits and sleeve art for numerous recording artists. Through the ‘90s my career evolved and i became one of London’s leading young editorial portrait photographers, regularly shooting international assignments for leading UK publications such as; The Sunday Times Magazine, Esquire, Telegraph Mag and Dazed & Confused as well as numerious record labels and design studios.

Towards the turn of the millennium i became increasingly disillusioned by my sense of an over-corperatized music business, and yearned for something more meaningful and lasting. Finally i decided to abandon my career in favour of turning my camera inwards, quality family time and slowing down. After several nomadic years with my young family between India and Australia, we settled in the forests of southwestern Australia where i photograph my on-going family & community orientated diary, make photobooks and run workshops.

My 2011 self-published photobook Postcards from Home received several awards; Australian Photobook of the Year and in 2012 the Australian publishing industry’s Galley Club ‘Book of the Year’ & ‘Australian Book of the Year’. In 2015 Ceiba Foto published The Middle of Somewhere, bringing together the last twelve years diary work in a beautifully designed edition. The Middle of Somewhere recieved international accliam, won a Luice Award, Australian Photobook of the Year – People’s Choice Award, AIPP book of the Year, as well as being shortlisted for several other international phtoobook awards including POYi and Arles. Excerpts from The Middle of Somewhere have been published across a wide range of international media.


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