Londoner Sam Harris is a self-taught photographer. In his late teens he made a simple home darkroom and experimented around the clock whilst listening to records. Combining these passions led him to start freelancing in the London music industry of the early 90s, making album sleeve art.

Sam went on to shoot editorial portraits and features for leading UK publications The Sunday Times Magazine, Esquire, Dazed & Confused, GQ, Geographical and The Telegraph Magazine.

In 2002 he re-evaluated his lifestyle and photographic direction and left London to travel slowly with his family. During this period he began the process of turning his camera inwards… In 2008 he settled in the forests of South Western Australia from where he now shoots his on-going family diary, lectures photography and runs workshops.

Sam’s series ‘Postcards from Home’ has been exhibited and published internationally. He has been the recipient of several awards including the prestigious 2012 Galley Club of Sydney Publishing Award ‘Book of the Year’ & ‘Australian Book of the Year’. The ‘first time ever, a digitally printed book won the highest prize’.

2012 WINNER – Australian Book of the Year – 36th Annual Galley Club Awards for Excellence in Book Publishing – Postcards from Home
2012 WINNER – Book of the Year –  36th Annual Galley Club Awards for Excellence in Book Publishing – Postcards from Home
2012 FINALIST – Momento Pro – Portrait Photobook of the Year – Life Underground
2011 WINNER –  Momento Pro – Photobook of the Year Award – Postcards from Home           2011 HANGERS CHOICE – Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture                                2011 FINALIST – Head On Portrait Prize
Solo Exhibitions:                                                                                                                                    2012 Postcards from Home – Midlands Railway Workshop, Perth, Australia – as part of Elsewhere, FotoFreo
2011 Postcards from Home – Global Gallery, Sydney, Australia – Head On Photo Festival        2011 Postcards from Home – Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India – Delhi Photo Festival

Group Exhibitions:
2012 FREEDOM – PIX Magazine – The Max Mueller Bhavan, Dehli, India
2012 BURN in Print – Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Sydney, Australia – Head On Photo Festival
2012 Birthmark On The Map – TAFE Institute of Photography, Sydney, Australia – Head On Photo Festival
2011 Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture – Tweed River Art Gallery, NSW, Australia
2011 Birthmark on the Map – Pobeda/Victory Centre – Novosibirisk, Russia                                2011 Head On Portrait Prize – Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, Australia
2011 BURN-ed Garden – Flight Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, USA                                                    2010 Over There – Art in the South West – Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, Australia

Public Speaking:
2012 Auckland Festival of Photography – Auckland Art Gallery – Guest Speaker – ‘Transition – from London to the Bush’ (upcoming)
2012 FotoFreo & FORM – Divergence / Elsewhere at Midlands Railway Workshops, Perth – Guest Speaker
2011 Delhi Photo Festival – India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India, Seminar Talk – ‘Transition – from London to the Bush’
2011 Head On Photo Festival – National Art School, Sydney, Australia – Group Panelist ‘Rock’n’Roll’
2011 Head On Photo Festival – National Art School, Sydney, Australia – Seminar Talk – ‘Transition – from London to the Bush’
2011 Momento Gallery, Virtual Bookshop Launch, Sydney, Australia – Guest Speaker – ‘Transition – from London to the Bush’

Workshops / Teaching:

2013 Ubud, Bali – 5 day workshop
2012 Balingup Medieval Carnival – Weekend Workshop (together with Claire Martin)
2012 David Alan Harvey Master Class, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia – Guest Speaker / Presentation of Postcards from Home
2012 Head On Photo Festival – Portfolio Reviews
2012 FotoFreo Satellite Event, Fremantle, WA, Australia – 5 Day Intensive Documentary Workshop (together with Claire Martin)
2011 Delhi Photo Festival – Portfolio Reviews
2011-13 South West Institute of Technology (TAFE), Bunbury, WA, Australia. Lecturer, Photography Cert 3 to Diploma level
2011-12 Private personal on-line mentoring
2010 Network Warren Blackwood, WA, Australia – Workshop ‘Introduction to Photography for People with Intellectual Disabilities’


David Alan Harvey: Magnum Photos / National Geographic/ Burn Magazine – on Postcards from Home series published on Burn Magazine, April 2011

“with Sam’s work here we clearly are in the overall realm of documentary and yet the seeing is so good and so interpretive and so beyond the average documentation, that it could indeed end up being viewed in an art museum or in art circles, yet still be documentary…as Sally Mann, Bruce Davidson, and Frank and on and on and on among the truly great photographers of our time….

this is just incisive close to the heart work done with a special eye…. photography does not get any better than this…. sure, pictures of your family…nothing new…everybody does it…however, when work rises above the mean level, i pay attention…. and this work literally sings…. you have done triple duty here…stayed home, been a good dad and husband, and made your mark in photography as well…. many thanks for Postcards….

cheers, david”

Alasdair Foster: Curator, writer & former director of the Australian Centre for Photography (1998–2011)

“Sam Harris captures fleeting moments of domesticity and creates from them the timeless and the iconic.”

His “images achieve a delicate fusion of the idiosyncratic and the universal to whisper of deep truths that nestle at the heart of each of us. He does so with the lightest of touches, often directing our gaze away from the apparent centre of attention to a fleeting interplay on the outskirts of perception.

We stand on the cusp of change. The metropolitan, cosmopolitan marketplace of authorised, commoditised art is beginning to seem like yesterday and, sensing a new, subtler and more highly individuated language of creative communication ahead, we look towards an uncertain tomorrow. Sam Harris may well be there to greet us when we arrive.”

David Fahey: Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

“The photographer is seeing really differently.”

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