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August 2nd – September 4th, 2018, The Middle of Somewhere is being exhibited at Centro Cultural el mas acá, Buenos Aires, Argentina as part of Festival de la Luz, the biggest event of its kind in Latin America, with exhibitions of national and foreign artists in museums, cultural centers, and art spaces across Argentina.




WORKSHOP:  The Photobook Process – Case Study: ‘The Middle of Somewhere’


It was a pleasure to be hosted by Escuela Argentina de Fotografia. My workshop was about the process of making photobooks, dummies, edit books and journals. Including a deconstruction of the 9 months process of making The Middle of Somewhere.  It’s very rewarding when the students are so engaged and enthusiastic.  Thanks for having me!






































TALKS: From London to the Bush

In conjunction with my exhibition and workshop i also gave two talks. Firstly ‘From London to the Bush’ looking at my life journey and career in photography at Centro Cultural el mas acá. Secondly, Professor Jose Nuno of the National University of Tucumán, invited me to talk with his 2nd year degree students about my career experiences and working process.

Audience preceding my talk ‘From London to the Bush’ at Centro Cultural mas acá, 4th August,

Prof. Jose Nuno of National University of Tucumán introducing me to his 2nd year degree students





The Photobook Process Ad 6

10 – 17 March 2018

4 participants

It is often overlooked just how many ‘ingredients’ go into making an exceptional photobook, one that you can become immersed in, touched by, moved and inspired by. It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time to invite a few photographers to my home in the forest of Western Australia and share my experience and passion for all things photobook.

Together, we’ll go down the rabbit hole and take an in-depth look into the process of planning, making and promoting a photobook.

Page-01 copy 6

“There is a sense of holding something precious in your hands… this is a unique and special book” Daniel Boetker-Smith on The Middle of Somewhere Photo-eye Book of the Week.


Some of what we will cover:

  • Introduction to the world of photobooks – we will explore a wide range of great photobooks and discuss WHY and HOW they work
  • The value of making book dummies and why they are essential to the process of arriving at a mature book (with numerous examples)
  • Presentation /Q&A with my collaborator & publisher Eva Maria Kunz from Ceiba Editions.
  • The power and the poetry of sequencing
  • Case Study: The making of The Middle of Somewhere deconstructed; concept & design, creating a cover, choosing the right paper, proofs and printing, binding, inserts & gatefolds, hand made elements, graphics & typography, layout, size, editing & sequencing
  • Why weight and size matter
  • Look at your work as a group and discuss; I will offer advice and suggestions – group brainstorm
  • One-on-one sessions – I’ll assist you to edit your past or current work and help you in moving forward
  • Reflection on and development of your book concept
  • Creating a tester / basic book dummy
  • Learning to listen to your authentic voice and why it’s your most valuable asset
  • Day trip to the coast, BBQs & Sundowners…
  • Evening photography movies & slideshows projected outdoors, under the stars

While most workshops run on an intense schedule, which can become overwhelming, it’s my intention to factor in downtime to reflect, percolate ideas, time for informal but equally creative discussions, walks in the forest, pour over photobooks from my library or simply hang by the dam with a cold beer and take in the beautiful surroundings… making this more of a creative retreat than a traditional workshop.

Yali under the Orange tree

This 7 days (8 nights) retreat is limited to only 4 photographers. A portfolio submission is required along with a Skype interview.

book shelf sample

A small sample of the books we’ll be exploring over the week

DATES: start 10th March 2018, 5pm. Checkout 18th March by 11am.

LOCATION: Balingup, Western Australia, 6253

FEE: AUD $1800 (approx US $1400) – includes: 8 nights accommodation, 7 days and most meals

Page-01 copy 4

For further details please email Yael:

or fill in the form below:

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It was a real treat to be invited to Lecce in southern Italy for Bitume Photofest, where I exhibited ‘The Middle of Somewhere’ and ran a workshop.

The drive from the airport set the scene nicely, olive trees as far as the eye could see, deep blue sky and the hot, sweet scented Mediterranean air…

Arriving in Lecce was impressive; nicknamed “The Florence of the South” due to the large amount of Baroque architecture spread across the city, it made for a wonderful and very unique location for a photography festival.

The Middle of Somewhere

exhibited in the charming Corte dei Mesagnesi


One very nice aspect of Bitume Photofest was no doubt the great use of outdoor installations, all in extremely impressive historical locations, allowing for the public to engage with the work whilst immersing themselves in the relaxed splendor of Lecce. Where most festivals are over saturated with content, I  really enjoyed the intimacy of Bitume, allowing for meaningful exchanges with some special people and the time to actually absorb and engage with the work on show.

Lost in the Wilderness by Kalpesh Lathigra

Kalpesh’s ‘Lost in the Wilderness’ investigates what remains of the Lakota Sioux Indians Continue reading


The Middle of Somewhere awarded the 2016 AIPP             …  Australian Photography Book Award.

Thank you AIPP! It’s great to see photobooks and the photobook community evolving in Australia and that Australian Photobooks are being recognised at home and internationally. There’s a lot happening with photobooks at the moment,  it’s an exciting time, so I’m over the moon that ‘The Middle of Somewhere’ has received this award! A heartfelt  thanks to everyone involved.



POYi Best Photography Book – FINALIST

POYi TMoSIt was a total surprise and a huge honour to have my book The Middle of Somewhere selected as a finalist at the prestigious Pictures Of the Year International 73. POYi has been around for quite some time and firmly established as one of the worlds leading photographic awards. POYi also run seminars and workshops and are increasingly becoming a center for research, discussion and education.



Aus Photobook of the Year Awards

spread from 'The Middle of Somewhere'

spread from ‘The Middle of Somewhere’

I’m feeling blessed and most grateful. The Middle of Somewhere has won ‘Australian Photobook of the Year – Peoples Choice Award2015, so special to receive this. Thanks to everyone who voted and to Momento Pro & PHOTOBOOK MELBOURNE – it’s wonderful to know that the public enjoyed my book.



the momentum 1To coincide with winning Australian Photobook of the Year 2015 – The People’s Choice Award, i spoke with the award sponsors Momento Pro about making photobooks; We discussed editing, design and layout, the differences between trade publishing and self-publishing, distribution, promotion, the importance of making dummies and photo festivals around the world.

You can watch it here.

the momentum 2




Raj Lalwani reviews The Middle of Somewhere for Better Photography Magazine, India.

“This is a photobook that consistently leaves you surprised. Considering that the subject matter itself is rather limited in its range, this is an astounding feat.”

TMoS Raj review better photographyYou can read the full review here


Creating a Photobook (Part 2)

Well… after a very long and sometimes painful labour we are delighted, deliriously excited, most honoured and grateful to announce the birth of our 1 pound and 12 ounces baby… It’s a book!

book cover

The Middle of Somewhere, Numbered edition of 600. Essay by Alasdair Foster, two inserts; Travelogue & No Yesterdays (from Yael’s diary) , hand made notes. Cover art by Uma Harris

 The Middle of Somewhere has been a long journey, an on-going family diary that revolves around my two daughters growing up.

It’s been 12 years since we were first living in India and i begun to photograph my family life. I suppose i became enchanted with the magic of childhood and the playful, creative possibilities that open up. I wanted to forget so much that had become formulaic about the way i approached photography. After more than a decade working in London, shooting album covers and editorial portraits, one develops a way of working. I wanted to undo all that, to forget what i knew, reconnect with my true self and start all over. So… i suppose it’s fitting that i found myself connecting with my childhood through the prism of my daughters. That they became my muses and my work began to crystallise.

It’s been a personal and photographic journey into the unknown, a personal diary, watching my daughters’ childhood unfold, trying as best i can to catch the magic and all the while aware that time is slipping.


Originally we had a very different idea for the cover of the book. Part of the magic of any creative process is its evolution. Being flexible and open minded helps the process grow. It was an exciting moment when we decided to ask Uma to do the art work for the cover, based on another piece of art she’d made for us. Below you can see a brief clip of Uma at work.


I’ve been talking with Eva-Maria Kunz about making this book for a few years now. Making a photobook is not something to be rushed. Ideas need time to grow. Some grow nicely, others fail. It’s all part of the process. Bouncing ideas… In earnest we began work on the book in September 2014. We met up at The Photobook Museum, Cologne, to start planning a schedule as well as mapping out our ideas and dreams, the vision for the book. You can read more about that here.

Fast Forward to April 2015, it’s time to print the book! Another long flight to Italy, to EBS, (the master book printers that will help us ‘deliver’ this baby…) It’s a trip that can’t be avoided. The photographer has to check the proofs and work closely with the printers to ensure the images look just right. .


I’ve been pacing up and down the corridor, in and out of every chair in the waiting room. Anxiety turns to frustration to boredom as you wait for nurse Silvia to pop her head in the door and say ‘ok they want you down on press’ – meanwhile your fingers are chewed down to the bone as you wait …. Soon … Come on…. What’s taking them so long… The afternoon drifts towards the evening… How many coffees have I had today…. and so it goes…

Pre-Sales for The Middle of Somewhere have begun over at ceiba. This really is all about the love we have for photobooks. Making the book has been a real labour of love, a roller-coaster ride that’s not quite over yet!



family affair

It’s a Family Affair – everyone gets involved at some stage.           Photo © Sam Harris

The Middle of Somewhere – Creating a Photobook (Part 1)

Last year I was fortunate enough to start a collaboration with ceiba foto to publish my book The Middle of Somewhere, 12 years of family diary work. Little did I know of the roller-coaster ride that lay ahead: the making of a photobook!

To add to the challenge we are spread over three continents… and so we started by meeting in the middle, and what a better place to start than at the inspiring, Photobook Museum in Cologne, who kindly allowed us to use their studio space. We worked there for a week and dreamed and schemed, brewing up the initial concept.

Working at The Photobook Museum, Cologne. Photo © Reimar Ott

Dreaming and Scheming with Eva Maria Kunz at The Photobook Museum, Cologne  Photo © Reimar Ott

I’ve self-published a book before and even been lucky enough to win some awards with it, but nothing could prepare me for the intensity required to produce a photobook of such fine quality and nuance.

Printers Proofs: Whilst running a workshop in India i received proofs printed on various paper stock. Another important decision. Photo © Sam Harris

Printers Proofs: Whilst running a workshop in India i received proofs from our printers in Italy, printed on various paper stock of the finest quality . Another important decision. Paper weight, density and finish plays an important part… Not just with the look of the images but also the feel… Photobooks are a tactile experience as well as a visual one.  Photo © Sam Harris

Prints on the wall, prints on the floor, prints in my sleep... for 9 days i lived in the Ceiba studio, Italy. With so much material (12 years worth) breaking the book down into small sequences helps. Strings of images... hopefully come together like poems. Photo © Eva-Maria Kunz

Prints on the wall, prints on the floor, prints in my dreams… for 9 days i lived in the Ceiba studio, Italy. With 12 years worth of material, breaking the book down into small sequences helps. Strings of images…  come together like poems. Photo © Eva Maria Kunz

Eva Maria Kunz from Ceiba has been my partner in all this, leading the way, bouncing every idea and pushing and pulling us all to the limits. Long, intensive days, week after week, for the last 6 months… 

It’s been extreme. Often challenging and frustrating, but equally inspiring and exciting. Every now and then we catch a glimpse of the book to be, images and design in flux… and as we do, we know it’s all worthwhile.  


And born out of frustrating situations, last-minute inspiration can appear! and I can tell you it tastes all the sweeter for its serendipity. And so the book, slowly becomes…


The pre-dummy dummy: Once a sequence has been established it's important to stack the rough prints and check the flow, in a rough book form, turning pages, flipping back and forth. Only when we feel happy with the flow can we commit to making the dummy.

The pre-dummy dummy: Once a sequence has been established it’s important to stack the rough prints and check the flow in a crude book form. Turning pages, flipping back and forth. Only when we feel happy with the flow can we commit to making the dummy. © Photo Sam Harris

Eva working tirelessly, stitching our handmade dummy. Photo © Sam Harris

Eva working tirelessly, stitching our handmade dummy at the end of my time in italy. Photo © Sam Harris


It’s not just Ceiba and myself riding this roller-coaster, it’s a family affair… This book is a diary, a family album about Uma and Yali growing up. I work at home most of the time, so everyone becomes involved. It’s not just the edit that takes over our small home, there are cover materials, art work, graphics, paper types, colour choices, texts and all sorts of ‘special’ things i can’t talk about yet 🙂 All these things have at some stage engaged all the family in the process.

Stay tuned, we’ll be revealing some very special news soon!!


© ¥ali Harris

 I’m super excited, most honored and grateful to announce that my new book The Middle of Somewhere will be published by the highly talented team at ceiba foto. This really is a dream come true!

‘Looking back i can see that you have to get lost sometimes if you want to find new land. And that’s what happened.’

Recently i  spoke with ceiba foto about inspiration, challenges, life in the Aussie bush and more… have a read over at ceiba foto.

Thank you to The Photobook Museum for allowing us to start the creative process within their space and to the Department of Culture and the Arts, Government of Western Australia for supporting my recent trip to Europe. Ideas are stirring, dummies are being made, and we plan to bring you this baby by June 2015.






I’m honoured and most grateful to have been invited to exhibit a handmade prototype of my new book ‘The Middle of Somewhere’ at the 2013 Delhi Photo Festival. Curated by Sohrab Hura the collection of self-published & dummy books will be exhibited at the Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre from September 27th.

tMoS duumy006

The process of creating a photobook is usually long and arduous; for me, the first step is to create a basic dummy to aid in the refining of concept as well as technical analysis. My book dummy is still very much a work-in-progress, a sketch of a book all the way. The prints are ‘roughs’ and  will  need  to  be calibrated.  Changes will be made to the edit, sequence and design.  It’s only once the book dummy has been made and can be held and flipped through that the process moves from mind to matter and becomes a tactile experience as well as a visual one.

tMoS duumy dipo007

This is the first time i’ve ever exhibited something unfinished. i hope its slight roughness helps  bring the viewer inside the book making process, questioning and thinking about all the elements involved, but ultimately going on a journey with me through the images…

tMoS duumy003

tMoS duumy004


Postcards from Home wins the 36th Annual Galley Club Publishing Awards – Book of the Year & Australian Book of the Year.

Totally unexpected, i’m blown away and greatly humbled… This is the first time ever a self-published / print-on-demand book has won either of the two main titles at the annual publishing awards. Up against major publishing houses such as Thames & Hudson, Penguin, Random House, Harper Collins and Hachette et al, this is a milestone for indie book makers everywhere!

The Galley Club of Sydney encourages and promotes the highest standards of excellence in book and magazine production”.

A special thank you and well done!! goes out to my book making partners Momento Pro Australia for fantastic printing and binding… Teamwork!!

Look inside the Limited Edition of 50 version below:


from the book Postcards from Home © Sam Harris

from the book Postcards from Home © Sam Harris