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burn grab Arles interviewDuring Arles Photo Festival in the south of France, i found myself sitting in a nice little side-walk cafe, drinking a cold beer and chatting with Magnum‘s David Alan Harvey. We were talking photography and he interviewed me about ‘The Middle of Somewhere‘ for Burn magazine.  David has been a long time supporter of my work and has given me sage advice when i’ve needed it most. It was a nice way to summarise my long-term project and a great honour.



Last week i was invited to shoot for Burn Diary over on Instagram. Burn Diary is the Instagram feed featured by Burn Magazine.  One photographer takes over for 7 days from anywhere in the world and is given total freedom to shoot whatever they want. I had a lot of fun shooting from home. I also felt the pressure!. I shoot all the time, so there is no issue with that, but the fast editing and decision-making is quite different to my regular work flow. I can always edit other people’s work quite easily but with my own work it’s not so simple… These days i tend to shoot for months without ever reviewing (or even thinking about) what i’ve got. Then when i feel the time is right, i’ll spend a few weeks going over all my material. I enjoy the distance this creates between myself and my work, it helps me to be more objective and less attached. Of course this is not the case shooting and posting on Instagram which is quite spontaneous and fast, but i would not normally post more than 3 images in a week. Burn Diary’s only requirement is that you post a minimum of two images every 24 hours. So it kept me pretty busy…

Below are my favorite images from my week in the hot seat.

Photo © Sam Harris

Photo © Sam Harris

Photo © Sam Harris

Photo © Sam Harris


Photo © Sam Harris

Uma washing line 2 lo res

Photo © Sam Harris

Photo © Sam Harris

Photo © Sam Harris

Photo © Sam Harris

Photo © Sam Harris





Burn tMoS grab

A couple of weeks ago i had the honor of having my latest essay The Middle of Somewhere published on Burn Magazine. It’s always a special occasion for me when i can finally share a new series. Spanning 2011-2013 it’s been a slow process… from the day-to-day shooting (i’m almost always shooting) to the various edits (usually starts by thinking about a book layout, pairs, sequences etc.) then refining the book edit (some 80-90 images) down to a tighter magazine essay.

Like so many things, it is worth the wait. I like to have some distance between myself and my images, to detach myself emotionally to get the edit right. I usually rely on some outside help too. Yael my wife is always involved with  editing. Last May whilst i was over in Sydney i had to good fortune to spend a couple of days going over a huge pile of prints with the talented photo editor Isabelle Rouvillois. Isabelle offer a much-needed ruthless outsiders eye.

David Alan Harvey, Magnum photographer and Curator at Burn also provided a further edit, tightening my 29 images down to 22 and re-arranging parts of the sequence. The result is a flow of images i am very happy with.

This work continues my personal diary of home life where Postcards from Home left off. The Middle of Somewhere is the next chapter…  you can check it our over on Burn Magazine here.

Bondi Diary… (based on a true story)

David Alan Harvey, photographer, mentor, book publisher, magazine editor and big time party dude came to Sydney a couple of weeks ago.  The Head On Photo Festival launched his ‘based on a true story’ book and exhibition as well as the Burn 02 in Print exhibition.

For me, David’s visit was special for many reasons… firstly, we finally got to meet ‘in real life’… then there was the chance for fellow Burn photographers to all meet (many for the first time off-line) and share ideas, passion for photography and good times.

Most special was the gathering of the team that helped David create the book. They came from all over the globe to Sydney to celebrate the book launch. Bryan Harvey who designed it, Eva – Maria Kunz, production manager, Candy Pilar Godoy, production / assistant photo editor, Roberta Tavares, fixer / production in Rio. Candy & Roberta also feature in the book.

David, always taking photographs… Bondi, Sydney 2012 – Photo © Sam Harris

Michelle & Niki – Bondi, Sydney 2012 – Photo © Sam Harris

Kerry –  Bondi, Sydney 2012 – Photo © Sam Harris

Bryan – Bondi, Sydney 2012 – Photo © Sam Harris

Candy – Bondi, Sydney 2012 – Photo © Sam Harris

Roberta.- Bondi, Sydney 2012 – Photo © Sam Harris

Roberta – Bondi, Sydney 2012 – Photo © Sam Harris

Celebration time…  – Bondi, Sydney 2012 – Photo © Sam Harris

Cheers! – Bondi, Sydney 2012 – Photo © Sam Harris

‘based on a true story’, blends fact with fiction to create a Novella that you can take apart and rebuild… it’s analog, interactive and 3d. there are even clues and a map to help you unravel the story hidden within… You have to hold it, feel it, pour over it, get inside it, take it apart, rebuild it, live it, smell it, caress it and then it all makes sense… Fresh, Sensual, Sexy, Killer, Dope… David leads by example, he could just sit back and talk about past glories, but that’s not David’s style… he’s out there doing it, living it. Now, right now… Ideas happen… ‘based on a true story’ is the living proof ; )) This book is an absolute classic. His best yet! And the very best thing about ‘based on a true story’ IS the PHOTOGRAPHY.

Check it out

It was also an honor to be asked by David to present my Postcards from Home series to his students during his 5 day Master Class…

But beyond all that, the best part of the experience for me was the friendships forged during my time in Sydney. I feel so lucky to have met so many special people in such a short time. Thank you David for bringing us all together and being such a generous host!

Burn Magazine…

Burn Magazine – April 2011

Postcards from Home is on Burn Magazine. I have been utterly humbled by the response… Working away in relative isolation, as i do,  it’s an odd experience to actually put the work out there and to receive such feedback. To have the opportunity to share insights and reflections…

The community at Burn have always been a source of inspiration for me. The generous spirit (a few months ago one photographer actually gave away a Nikon D200 he no longer used to a practical stranger) that surely is an echo of David Alan Harvey‘s own generous spirit. Always helping others, giving his valuable personal time, helping with editing and mentoring photographers from across the planet and sharing his tremendous wealth of experience. The man is a human dynamo, with an infectious enthusiasm for photography and life!

So, thanks Burn and David for giving me the opportunity to share my evolving personal work…