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Los Angeles’ Duncan Miller Gallery has featured one of my images on their innovative Your Daily Photograph, print collection sale. ‘Uma, bubble gum’ was selected by curator and photography commentator Alison Sieven-Taylor. Alison’s weekly blog Photojournalism Now has a wide international readership and her writing appears in  a variety of leading photography magazines.

DMGallery AST Your Daily Blog final

MOPLA – Instagram Jam


I’m very happy to be exhibiting 10 images at this year’s Instagram Jam, which is part of MOPLA (Month of Photography LA) organised by The Lucie Foundation.

50% of print sales go to SNAPSHOP, Lucie Foundation’s photography workshop program for kids in under served areas of Los Angeles.

The exhibition kicks off at 7pm Wednesday 16th April at Contact Photo Lab’s gallery. LA 90031

Instagram Jam005

Below: one of my Instagram images from the exhibition

Yali, bucket bath - Photo © Sam Harris

Yali, bucket bath – Photo © Sam Harris


LA riots – 20 years ago…

Otto, Los Angeles, 1992 © Sam Harris

It’s hard to believe it’s 20 years ago that i was living in Los Angeles… After traveling in Asia with my mate Will we flew into LA to meet another good friend, Jimo, who was working there at the time. Next thing i knew we’d all moved into this art deco apartment and… well, good times…

I have many memories from those days… The LA riots being one of them…

The second day of the riots the action moved from South Central up to Hollywood where we were living. There was an immediate curfew and nothing to do but go up onto the roof of our apartment building and watch Hollywood burn all around us. I took my camera, loaded with a roll of Polaroid PolaGraph and took this shot of our neighbor Otto.

Otto was a character and a half. He always wore the face mask and slippers with parcel tape soles. I remember when we moved into the apartment building we had to get the basement key from Otto to let the meter guy take a reading. We knocked on Otto’s door and he opened the small 1920’s speak easy style peep-hole and fed the key to us on a very long piece of string… It was all very David Lynch…

Sunday 29th April marks the twenty year anniversary of the LA riots. The acquittal of four white LAPD officers who savagely beat Rodney King an African-American man and were caught on video was the tipping point.